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How are you different from a regular fitness trainer?

Every person is an individual with unique needs, goals and aspirations.  I assess all clients and build a programme specifically designed for them.  This will take account of rehabilitation, prevention from injury, fitness goals and lifestyle.

What is a Physio/Kinesiologist

I trained with Joe Hippensteel from San Diego in his Ultimate Human Performance methodology.  UHP teaches techniques and methods for improving performance at every level, from average lifestyles to elite athletes. We teach you how to eliminate pain and injury from mild or severe conditions by releasing tension and training the body in the most efficient and advanced way possible. Hundreds of Joe's clients have avoided surgery, injections, and numerous non effective therapies. Flexibility to a standard with strict protocols is our baseline for training the body. We help you achieve freedom of movement, eliminating tension that causes most medical conditions of the musculoskeletal system. You will improve from every level if you are willing to learn. Come explore our methods, join the team and you too will reach your Ultimate Performance.

What Charities do you support?

I support the local charity Friends of Rescue.  All the proceeds from my Monday evening pilates class at 7.00pm go to FOR which is an animal rehoming organisation based in Northern Ireland.

Where are individual consultations or classes held?

Consultations and classes can be either in person or via video link depending on what suits the client and availability.

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